🕐 Updated 5:35 AM ET, Monday Oct. 3, 2016

designs have been our obsession for years and so we’re constantly on the lookout for ideas that are advancing the industry. So what ideas are killing it? Well, we found five with a touch of big data tools and balanced subjectivity, then weighed undeniable usefulness and flat-out impressive application of 3D printing technology.

If the level of human technical advancement can be based on our ability to recreate the lightsaber, then this 3D printed version is a fine example of our progress. Ignoring the fact that the plasma blade is total fantasy, it's hard to believe this is DIY when you first see this piece. Removing the magnetic cover unleashes the real magic of the design; the fantastically detailed parts including the energy-focusing crystal.


Cheap 3D printers seem to get all of the press but what we really need are cheap scanners to keep the fully-loaded costs of 3D printing down for hobbyists. The design even leverages a phone's included headphones to automatically activate the camera remotely. Not exactly meant for recreating objects in fine detail, this scanner will provide low-def scans of your basic objects of desire.


Of all the RC car parts we've upgraded or had to replace over the years, one of the best things that happened to the sport is the ability to 3D print parts. Even better, the Katana is just about entirely 3D printed, paving the way for endless design mods and replacements.


Create an impression in your entertainment room with the Planet Express ship from Futurama. A great example of a fan-sourced design offered to the world by a creative designer. Comes with it's own display stand, because it only seems natural to show this piece after producing one for yourself.


Jet engines are a mystery to most so this provides a great platform to educate those curious minds in a cutaway view that was only previously available to those who can afford beautifully accurate pieces such as this. From the fan blades to the high-pressure compressor to the high-pressure turbine you can easily follow how the engine translates compressed the air/fuel mix to thrust.

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