Why do you offer products for free and for a price? That just seems crazy.

We aim for a balanced mix of free and priced items and let designers determine the right blend. Designs take time to create, some more so than others, therefore, those requiring any material time investment usually justify a price.

So your marketplace is meant for 3D printable designs but you offer both auctions and fixed-price listings, what gives?

Our listings may offer hardgoods, downloadable designs, or both. Auctions are available for all listing types because we believe they are the quickest way to find what the market will pay for your goods. This can be especially handy when launching a new product or if demand changes quickly, which can be commonplace in the rapidly growing 3D printing industry.

What if I want to auction my item yet give my potential customers a choice to immediately buy and download?

We recommend using the "Buy Now" option when listing as an auction which allows for buyers to checkout, pay, and immediately download then print the item.

What happens to the file containing the design when I sell it?

Customers are given an encrypted link to download the design file once the sale is final. At this time the file is theirs to keep and print at their convenience. If you have concerns about consumers obtaining the design file we recommend selling the printed product through our hardgood option.

What do you do to keep members from buying items then re-selling or giving them away for free?

Members who sell digital or physical property that belongs to others are violating the terms of service and are subject to termination. Our manifesto is to create generous incentives for buyers and sellers to develop and exchange digital designs and related products. These same incentives are destroyed by others who sell designs without legitimate rights and therefore we take decisive action to deter. Plus it's just plain wrong.

How can I pay?

Buyers and sellers have the option to settle payments directly through our site using PayPal or offline through their preferred form of payment (i.e. check). Sybazaar accepts all major credit cards and PayPal for listing features and transaction fees.

Am I required to hand over rights to my design when I upload or list it?

No. Unlike other sites that claim to be open source yet require you to give them free reign over your design, you are not giving up your rights when uploading or listing on our site. You can opt for a Creative Commons license to allow or restrict how others can share, remix, or modify your designs.